Higher Apprenticeship Program

If you haven't gone to university but want to receive professional training to set you up in the technology industry, join our Higher Apprenticeship Program. And the best part of being PwC Higher Apprentice? You'll get to earn income while learning new skills and earning two technology qualifications!
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A career and qualification all in one!
There used to be one pathway into professional services.
University. Degree. Grad program. Career. We've changed that now.

You can join us straight out of high school as part of our very own PwC Higher Apprenticeship program. You'll build business and technology skills while working toward a qualification in IT. And with study support, you won't need to worry about course fees or the cost of textbooks and materials.

Take learning on the job to the next level.

  • You will have the opportunity to obtain two VET (Vocational education and training) qualifications aligned to your chosen industry. You'll earn a Certificate IV followed by a Diploma (typically in Information Technology or Business).
  • Experts will coach you in their field. You'll learn in a hands-on environment, forming relationships that will set you apart. You'll tackle varied, challenging work with a tangible impact on the community and business world.
  • Once you complete the Higher Apprenticeship program, you’ll have the chance to join our Graduate program and continue growing at PwC. In 2022, 90% of the Higher Apprentices were offered graduate roles. 

Why join our community of solvers?

​​​​​​​We're looking for great communicators and problem solvers. We like people who are curious, motivated, digitally savvy and passionate about technology. You've probably got many of the skills we want. Your academic studies, hobbies, part-time work, fundraising or sporting achievements all showcase your talents and the kind of person you are. Think about what you do, how you do it and how it applies to a professional services environment.  

Your strengths

  • Curious: You love to explore. You want to take apart things, figure out how they work and put them back together.  
  • Independent: Although you enjoy having teammates, you’re happy to be working on your own, crushing your to-do list. 
  • Data-driven: No data set is too big or too small. You love diving deep into the numbers and making decisions based on the latest facts. 
  • Honest: You believe honesty is the best policy (within reason of course).
  • Responsible: If you say you’re going to do something, you’re going to do it.
  • Order: Whether it’s colour coding your post-it notes and making sure all the fonts are the same, you thrive in a world of order. 
  • Jack-of-all-trades: You like mastering lots of different talents. You see value in being able to dabble across disciplines.

Meet our higher apprentices


PwC's Higher Apprenticeship Program

Learn more about why you should join PwC's Higher Apprenticeship program. 

Meet Kate, a PwC Higher Apprentice

Meet Kate, a PwC Higher Apprentice. Kate loves helping some of Australia's biggest businesses solve their data and privacy problems. 

Meet Arya, a PwC Higher Apprentice

Meet Arya, a PwC Higher Apprentice. Working in Digitech, Arya enjoys the variety of work across the apprenticeship! From project management to user experience (UX) design, no two days are the same! 


Meet Karthi, a PwC Higher Apprentice

Meet Karthi, a PwC Higher Apprentice. Karthi was looking for hands-on experience when he joined the apprenticeship. Now he works to digitally transform Australia's companies while earning two VET certificates!  

The Application Journey

  • Apply online
  • Digital Interview and Behavioural Assessment
  • Assessment Centre
  • Interview
  • Offer!

Apply Online
Prepare to apply for our Higher Apprenticeship program by finding where your skills fit and familiarising yourself with how we hire.
We'll be assessing applications immediately and progressing candidates who meet the program eligibility criteria to the online assessment and digital interview. All applications will be reviewed.
Digital Interview and Behavioural Assessment This is the stage where we get to know you better and you to learn a little more about yourself! 

Your digital interview is your chance to bring your application to life. You'll be asked questions that will help us get to know you better and understand why you're interested in creating a career with us.

For your behavioral assessment, you'll play a series of games designed to help us learn more about your strengths and to see if you're a good fit for the area you've applied to. This should take around 45 minutes to complete.

Assessment Centre This is where you get to put your problem solving skills to the test! 

As a part of a group, you’ll complete a case study assessment with a senior business representative from your chosen business area, and also a recent graduate from that team to share their experience - we will give you some tips on how to prepare for this when we invite you to complete it. 
Interview This is the last step! Hooray! 

The final part of our hiring process is a final interview with a Partner from the business area you are interested in joining. Again, this is a two way process - so come prepared with some questions to ask whilst you have this time with the most senior leaders of PwC!
Offer You made it! 
When you’re invited to join our community of solvers, you’ll receive a verbal offer followed by a written offer! That will have all the details on your remuneration, benefits and start date!

How do I start?

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Find where your skills fit

Hear from a recruiter what skills they look for as well as handy tips to give you a headstart.
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Prepare to apply

Learn about what you need to research, how to reflect on your experience, or how to track your applications.
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How we hire

Learn how to submit a successful application form, and all the steps you will need to complete.

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Take an online assessment

Our online assessment gives you a chance to learn about your strengths and where they might work best with our team.

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Participate in a digital interview

Our digital interview is an opportunity to meet one-on-one and learn more about you. We share some handy recruiter tips to prepare.

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Take a final assessment

We do this through a group assessment and one-on-one interview. Listen to some of our tips to get started.

Where can I solve important problems?

Internal Firm Services - Digitech
Using your skills in tech, relationship management and a passion for customer experience, you'll help transform, disrupt and grow our firm. You’ll ensure our products and services are digital, mobile, optimised and automated so that we continue to deliver more value and quality for our clients. We ensure our products and services are digital, mobile, optimised and automated.

You will be rotating into different teams within DigiTech, finding your passion, whether it’s building technologies that benefit our clients or adopting new technology, protecting against risk, delivering valuable data insights that transform our tech capabilities (and much much more). Regardless of the area, you join within DigiTech, the possibilities to create meaningful impact and develop your career are endless. 

Within DigiTech, we have a variety of capability offerings including Business Analysis, Customer & Device Experience, Service Delivery & Operations, Cloud Services, Business Engagement, Data Analytics, Systems Improvement, DevOps, Process Automation, User Experience, Enterprise Architecture, Change Management, Project Management, and more!
Assurance - Trust and Risk
Using your skills in problem-solving, critical thinking and tech you’ll build trust in Australian organisations by securing their digital future. Our Cybersecurity & Digital Trust team works alongside government and business to solve the most complex cyber & digital risk problems facing Australia. You could be assessing the exposure points of some of the largest organisations in the country, or creating strategies to mitigate those risks and safeguard data, people and technology.

Learn from industry experts and work together to ensure the resilience of our client’s operations; conduct penetration testing and red-teaming, and be in the frontline of managing cyber attacks. Matching the fast-paced developments of the cybersecurity landscape, PwC offers an environment of discovery, specialist learning and enablement including our new Cyber Academy - a global programme providing access to world-class technical training.
Consulting - Digital Transformation
Using your skills in technology, communication and problem-solving together with your passion for human centered design, you’ll help organisations and communities transform the way they engage with technology. As a part of our Digital Transformation team, you’ll work collaboratively with our clients to help them innovate and use technology in ways that support achieving their organisational objectives and gaining a competitive advantage in their market.

You’ll design transformation and technology solutions and strategies that drive organisational, business and operational improvements across the full business agenda - including for example, end to end implementations working in partnership with AWS, Google, Salesforce, Microsoft, SAP and Oracle, depending on the client’s solutioning needs.

The types of problems you’ll get to solve:

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