Graduate Program

Our Graduate Program isn't just a place to launch your career, it's a place to solve real problems. Problems like digitising healthcare, tackling societal inequality, helping to grow sustainable infrastructure and building secure and safe digital societies. And with problems as diverse as these, you'll get to use your degree in ways you never expected.
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Join our Graduate Program to solve important problems, together. 

If you are a graduate or postgraduate, we have a range of roles for you to explore. As our business continues to grow, we need the next generation of leaders to help us solve important problems!

What type of solver are you?

You might be a Leader or an Analyst. An Entrepreneur, a Humanitarian or even a Trailblazer. No matter what type of solver you are, there's a fit for you here.

Why join our Graduate Program?

If you’re in your final year of study or have completed an undergraduate or postgraduate degree, our Graduate Program offers you a full-time placement at PwC. Accelerate your career by tackling challenges with some of the largest organisations within Australia, helping fight inequality, develop sustainable infrastructures and build financial trust in the economy.

Solve smarter with world class-training and development

From "The Outside" (PwC's corporate Coachella) to the 4,000 course strong PwC Academy, your learning won't stop. 

Here, we want you to grow. So we invest in your development to solve for today and tomorrow. 


Solve bigger when you know we've got your back

We have great leaders. And they always have your back, so you can get on with making an impact. 

With supportive colleagues and a global network of knowledge, the sky really is the limit. 


Solve better when you know where you’re headed

You know where you want to go. And we love that. That's why we have clear pathways for advancement. 

With a yearly promotion cycle and firm-wide transparency on salaries, superannuation and bonuses, you'll always know where you stand. And where you're going. 

The Application Journey

  • Apply online
  • Digital Interview & Behavioural Assessment
  • Assessment Centre
  • Interview
  • Offer!
Applications are closed for 2023 Prepare to apply for our Graduate program by finding where your skills fit and familiarising yourself with how we hire.
We'll be assessing applications immediately and progressing candidates who meet the program eligibility criteria to the online assessment and digital interview. All applications will be reviewed.
Digital Interview and Behavioural Assessment This is the stage where we get to know you better and you to learn a little more about yourself! 

Your digital interview is your chance to bring your application to life. You'll be asked questions that will help us get to know you better and understand why you're interested in creating a career with us.

For your behavioral assessment, you'll play a series of games designed to help us learn more about your strengths and to see if you're a good fit for the area you've applied to. This should take around 45 minutes to complete.
Assessment Centre This is where you get to put your problem solving skills to the test! 

As a part of a group, you’ll complete a case study assessment with a senior business representative from your chosen business area, and also a recent graduate from that team to share their experience - we will give you some tips on how to prepare for this when we invite you to complete it.
Interview  This is the last step! Hooray! 

The final part of our hiring process is a final interview with a Partner from the business area you are interested in joining. Again, this is a two way process - so come prepared with some questions to ask whilst you have this time with the most senior leaders of PwC!
Offer You made it! 

When you’re invited to join our community of solvers, you’ll receive a verbal offer followed by a written offer! That will have all the details on your remuneration, benefits and start date!

Meet our grads


Arya - The Trailblazer

Meet Arya. As a grad, she works in Trust and Risk helping advise businesses mitigating risks. Arya started in our Canberra Casual Workforce.

Sheldon - The Leader

Meet Sheldon. As a grad, he works in our Tax Business, advising companies on how to avoid tax risk.

Seraphina - The Analyst

Meet Seraphina. As a grad, she works in Deals evaluating the actual earnings of a business.


Rosita - The Humanitarian

Meet Rosita. As a grad, she works in Consulting supporting business’ organisational transformation with a focus on people.


Charlie - The Entrepreneur

Meet Charlie. As a grad, he works in digital operations, helping clients diagnose their current state and plan effectively for the future.

How do I start?


Find where your skills fit

Hear from a recruiter what skills they look for as well as handy tips to give you a headstart.

Prepare to apply

Learn about what you need to research, how to reflect on your experience, or how to track your applications.

How we hire

Learn how to submit a successful application form, and all the steps you will need to complete.


Take an online assessment

Our online assessment gives you a chance to learn about your strengths and where they might work best with our team.


Participate in a digital interview

Our digital interview is an opportunity to meet one-on-one and learn more about you. We share some handy recruiter tips to prepare.


Take a final assessment

We do this through a group assessment and one-on-one interview. Listen to some of our tips to get started.

Where can I solve important problems?

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