How to turn your student skills into a job offer

Making the jump from uni to full-time Graduate can be tough. We chatted with Tom Craddock to see how he harnessed his student skills to soften the process. 

We’ve previously explored whether student programs really do have the ability to connect you to the right career path (read more here). The verdict was a big ‘yes’ from us, and from our Grads. But how exactly do you turn those experiences into an employment offer? By leveraging the skills you learn along the way, says Tom Craddock.

After recently graduating with a Bachelor of Business (Finance) and Bachelor of Mathematics, Tom is set to join our Management Consulting team. He attributes much of his success in joining our Graduate Program to his involvement in the Australian Undergraduate Business Case Competition (AUBCC) – an annual week-long program that brings international student teams together to compete in a fast-paced and challenging business case study.

“AUBCC was the platform from which my strong interest in consulting was formed and has continued to grow, ultimately leading me to my Graduate position in Management Consulting at PwC.”

Rather than being relegated as another line on your CV (which we don’t even ask for anymore!), involvement in student programs like AUBCC offer a genuine chance to build your skillset – something increasingly desirable among prospective employers. With Tom, it was the exposure to strategic thinking and analysis, and an authentic business community that fostered his professional development. 

“Completing three cases at AUBCC meant I had to learn pretty quickly. I developed immensely over that one short week. Skills such as strategic thinking and analysis, as well as understanding the sort of solutions companies are looking for from consultants, were very insightful.”

When Tom joined our Vacation Program, he found the analytical thinking and communication skills he had garnered through the competition to be a real asset. 

“AUBCC’s context of problems and presenting results to clients meant I had an understanding of the process when the time came to present my ideas in client meetings. The other professional communication skills were also of great value.”

“Having confidence in my presentation skills, being able to answer impromptu questions and network with senior members of the business community are all skills I developed through AUBCC, that made my time interning at PwC that much easier and exceptionally more valuable.”

Not only did the student competition equip Tom with a strong platform for his time as a Vaccie, it allowed him to consolidate his decision process over what career journey he wanted to trek.

“Competitions like AUBCC give you an incredible opportunity to develop clear insight into how the business world operates and what the profession of Consulting (or any business area!) is actually like.” 

Now that the hard work has paid off, what’s Tom most looking forward to as a Grad with us? Meaningful work, a collaborative culture and, of course, our popular Birthday Leave.

“I’m looking forward to working on meaningful projects across different industries, building my knowledge and skills, and becoming a well-rounded, experienced consultant – all while being a part of the PwC brand whose values, culture and people create the fulfilling work environment I desire… Floating public holidays and the day off for my birthday sounds alright too!” 

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