The Leader
What type of solver are you?

The Leader is energetic and strategic. They love challenges and solving problems together with their team.

We focus on your skills and passions, not just your degree and CV. With a huge range of businesses and a variety of work, you’ll discover your unique way to help us solve important problems together.

So if you see your strengths below, we think you’ll love working with us.
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Your strengths

  • Loves challenges: You delight in tackling problems. The bigger the challenge, the more keen you are to grab your mates to dive into it.
  • Quality-focused: You’re always looking to deliver the highest quality work. Whether you’re pulling in experts around you or burning the midnight oil, you bring quality over quantity. 
  • Efficient: Bring on the productivity hacks. You love efficiency. 
  • Energetic: We think that energy comes in all shapes and sizes. So whether you’re more of a LOUD energy or a quiet hum, you enjoy fueling people around you. 
  • Self-confident: You know who you are and you’re comfortable in your own skin. 
  • Strong-willed: When you believe in something, you’re passionate about it and are willing to step up! 
  • Strategic: You see the bigger picture. You are great at connecting all the dots. 
  • Charismatic: You have a magnetic personality. People are drawn to you. 
  • Inspiring: You are values-driven and are happy to lead from the front.

The teams you could thrive in

Audit (PwC Private)
Financial Advisory
Deals - Business Recovery Services
Financial Advisory
Deals - Mergers and Acquisitions
Financial Advisory
Deals - Transaction Services
Financial Advisory
Deals - Valuations (Corporate Valuations)
Financial Advisory
Deals (PwC Private)
Financial Advisory
Deals Strategy & Operations - Deals Operations
Finanical Advisory
Energy Transition - Risk, Reporting & Strategy
Energy Transition - Functional Strategy & Execution
Financial Advisory
M&A, Capital Raising and Economics (MACRE)
Financial Advisory
Outsourced Finance (PwC Private - Optimise)
Finanical Advisory
Wealth (PwC Private)
Financial Advisory

The types of problems you’ll get to solve:

Meet our grads


Emily - The Leader

Meet Emily. As a grad, she works in the Financial Services External Audit team, ensuring that businesses' financial statements are accurate before they're released to stakeholders. 

Vishnu- The Leader

Meet Vishnu. He started as a vacationer and is now a grad in the Tax and Legal team. He helps organisations and employers solve the complex problems that arise from reshaping the future of workplace. 

Sheldon - The Leader

Meet Sheldon. As a grad, he works in corporate tax helping businesses ensure that they are paying the right amount of tax in every country.

Max - The Leader

Meet Max. As a grad, he works in Energy Transition, helping to raise capital for solar or wind farms and utility-scale batteries.

Charlotte - The Leader

Meet Charlotte. As a grad, she works in Product Innovation consulting, helping clients re-imagine their digital experiences for their customers.


Jameson - The Leader

Meet Jameson, as a grad, he works in tax helping big businesses manage their global tax affairs. Jameson likes to solve problems together with his team.

Think you might be a different type of solver? 

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