The Entrepreneur
What type of solver are you?
At PwC, we believe in being the solver. In our grad and vacationer programs, one type of solver we see is the Entrepreneur. The Entrepreneur is bold and practical. They love creative ideas and solving problems with innovation and technology.

We focus on your skills and passions, not just your degree and CV. With a huge range of businesses and a variety of work, you'll discover your unique way to help us solve important problems together.

So if you see your strengths below, we think you’ll love working with us.
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Your strengths

  • Practical: If there is an action to be taken, you do it. You’re always happy to jump in and get things done. You prefer action over theories. 

  • Creative: You like to use both sides of your brain when solving problems. You enjoy using your imagination and thinking outside the box.

  • Bold: You like to think BIG. In the face of tricky problems, you take risks to find the best possible solution.

  • Rational: Just because you’re creative doesn’t mean you can’t be rational. You find the best of both worlds between thinking BIG and being logical.

  • Original: You have unique ideas. There is no one else quite like you. 

  • Perceptive: You notice the little things. Maybe it’s heightened EQ or proof reading skills, but you always see the context. 

  • Direct: You like to move forward. You love getting right to the point.

  • Flexibility-focused: Because you wear so many hats, you are a great juggler. You are adaptable and resilient. 

The teams you could thrive in

Audit (PwC Private)
Use your Accounting skills
Tax Advisory (PwC Private)
Use your Tax skills
CFO Advisory
Use your Finance skills
Risk & Regulatory Assurance - Financial Services
Use your Finance skills
Cybersecurity & Digital Trust
Use your Technology skills
Digital and Technology Advisory
Use your Technology skills
Research and Development (PwC Private)
Use your Consulting and Advisory skills
Economics and Policy Consulting
Use your Analytics skills
Forensics Data
Use your Analytics skills
Deals - Modelling and Analytics
Use your Analytics skills
Business Process Controls (Trust and Risk)
Use your Technology skills

The types of problems you’ll get to solve:

Think you might be a different type of solver? 

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