Grads embracing flexible work

Meet Helen Sun, a consulting grad who loves the flexible work options at PwC

Helen loves the flexibility that PwC offers. For her, it means “that 'working' looks different to me every day depending on my situation or circumstance.
Helen joined PwC in Consulting after studying Arts and Commerce at university. 
"I first heard about Forensics and Financial Crime from a friend who interned in the team a few years ago. She told me that many interns who decided to stay with the team are now certified private investigators. This made me curious about the work and day-to-day activities." 

As a Forensics and Financial Crime graduate, Helen says her favourite part about her job "is knowing that from a big-picture view, I am impacting society and our clients positively."

Helen loves the flexibility that PwC offers. For her, it means “that 'working' looks different to me every day depending on my situation or circumstance. For example, I have personal training lessons every Tuesday, so I will opt to start work early or finish late to make up the time. And if I need a change of scenery, I can work from the library, office, or even my parents' place!" 

This flexible nature has dispelled some myths about working in big firms like ours. Helen finds that she benefits from choosing her hours and work location as it allows her to accommodate her personal life, increase productivity and balance her mental health needs. She thinks that the three most essential parts of utilising flexibility are the balance it creates in her life for: 
  • Managing work-life commitments 
  • Increasing her productivity
  • Finding space to clear her head and prioritise her mental health 
We support our people's mental health in lots of different ways. Some Firmwide policies that support mental health and well-being include:
  • Together Anywhere Program - With lockdowns ending and borders opening, we know flexibility is now the norm. We're hearing loud and clear that our people would like to combine work with travel to spend time with family and friends within Australia and overseas. Our new Together Anywhere program will let you work up to 4 weeks remotely in Australia or overseas (subject to working rights).
  • Green Light to Talk Program - Mental health is an issue that touches so many of us. Positive mental health begins with an open culture where we can all feel comfortable talking about it. We're proud to be part of Green Light to Talk, a movement that began in our U.K. firm. The movement is all about dialling up our dialogue around mental well-being.
  • Psychological Well-being Service - Life has its ups and downs. We get that. We have our free-of-charge, confidential coaching and psychological well-being service for you and your immediate family members. The C.A.R.E. Program aims to provide an avenue for our employees and their immediate family members to access confidential counselling & advice to assist them when they experience stressful events, times, or situations or deal with overwhelming emotions.
  • Gym & Fitness Discounts - Whether you have a goal of running a marathon or just want to dip your toe into fitness, we support you! With our incredible fitness and gym partners, you can save money and look after yourself!

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