Why it's an exciting time to be working in Private

Former Change Manager, Justin Jacob, explains what skills he harnesses as a Senior Consultant in Risk Assurance’s project management team - Transformation Assurance.

Justin Jacob joined our firm’s Risk Assurance team earlier this year, coming from one of the big banks. The majority of his prior career had been spent in Business Banking working in a variety of different capacities - as a Project Manager, Change Manager and Business Banker. Passionate about helping businesses to grow - something resulting from growing up in a family rooted in small businesses -  he was ready to see his skill set make an even greater impact.

“Being a consultant was always in my development plan, and the right opportunity presented itself to join the Transformation Confidence team. Our role is to support clients through a variety of their transformation needs.”

So four months in has Justin seen his work make any real impact yet? “Absolutely!” And better yet, it was on his very first client engagement.

“I was lucky enough to work with a client in Brisbane as my first engagement with PwC. The client had just established their strategy for the next five years and wanted support in establishing the governance and reporting around their portfolio of projects needed to achieve it. The work we did saw significant advances in maturity for the client, and truly reimagined what they thought was possible!”

The changes created have been two-way as well. For Justin, he’s learnt the value his role can truly provide to each client and how this is maximised by bringing various parts of the firm together to support the client, as well as each other.

“I was involved in an account planning session a few weeks ago where we had representation from all across the firm, with everyone focused on one thing - how we can support the client to achieve their desired outcomes.”  

With a background degree in Commerce (majoring in Marketing and Management), it wasn’t until he entered the world of work that Justin truly understood how his passion for creating meaningful change could be realised. Now living this daily, he says the key skills for anyone looking to make a similar career move are abilities to be client centric and “break down complex problems and translate them into simple solutions”.

Justin also emphasizes “don’t be scared if you’re young!”. Having sometimes felt too “intimidated to speak up” when he was a junior. He’s since discovered what we at PwC champion: “the reason I’m in my role is because my opinion is valued”.

As for the perks of a job in Professional Services? Justin says he’s enjoying the flexibility of his new work life the most.

“Given my role can be located across a variety of locations, I often embrace the All Roles Flex policy and spend the morning working from home before heading straight to a client site. I also have family in Melbourne, and when visiting them, I might work from the Melbourne PwC office, or from the house in Melbourne!”

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