This is why we need women in tech

Activating women in tech is something our community is passionate about. Fleur Wiley, Senior Manager in Technology Consulting, fuels this passion by igniting some truly powerful transformations for our clients.

Women in tech are in demand right now, with good reason. It’s not just because organisations are increasingly setting gender diversity targets (read about PwC’s here), it’s because there’s a growing awareness that greater diversity of thought enables the creation of more holistic solutions to society’s most challenging and complex problems. Fleur Wiley, Senior Manager in Technology Consulting, shares this understanding.

“We know women are underrepresented in technology. We know there are better results when there is diversity of thought in workplaces; different perspectives leading to more innovative solutions. Progress towards improving the balance to enable these innovative solutions to complex problems is a necessity to prosper.”

“As the mother of a daughter, I am passionate about providing her and her friends role models and wanting them to have opportunities to explore what STEM fields look and feel like. My daughter will be ready for the workforce around 2030 at which point the jobs we do and how we perform them will be very different from today.”

As one of the inspiring women currently trailblazing in tech, Fleur’s passionate about being inclusive and encouraging women (particularly those returning to work and balancing this with family). She also attributes a lack of exposure to the gender disparity of talent in tech.

“I believe it’s linked to early exposure during our childhood. Unlike the 80s and early 90s where high cost impacted accessibility, technology is a symbiotic part of our everyday lives. So now every facet of society can develop a passion for this field.”  

Holding a wealth of career experience in technology and having studied science, the work Fleur undertakes with PwC involves leading a team who, together with clients and cutting-edge technology, create meaningful business transformations.

“The programs I’ve been engaged on since joining PwC have been large transformations  for NSW Government. They’ve created increased and improved services for the people of NSW.”

"The majority of the engagements I work on involve the establishment of a project management office (PMO) to support and align to the strategic direction of large complex programs. The highest priority is establishing governance and reporting, up to CEO and board level. This enables large programs to demonstrate progress, and identify roadblocks."

“Planning can be limiting. Take risks. Follow your intuition. If it excites you, it’s worth testing out.” 

Outside of her part-time role, Fleur’s a mum with two “energetic kids”. Since joining PwC, she’s felt surprised by how “accepting everyone was of part-time work and flexible work”.

“Flexibility is a big part of the culture. People make use of these work practices for various reasons, but the biggest factor is that it allows people to balance work and what is important to them outside of work. For me, this means I bring the best of myself to work and I am the best of me for my family.”

Listing the two most important qualities any team member could hold as integrity and the ability to communicate effectively, Fleur’s advice for those starting out is simple: surround yourself with mentors you trust.  

“Find a number of mentors. I’m fortunate to have trusted mentors, some managers and some peers. While no two career paths are going to be the same, a great mentor will give you opportunities to learn. It’s up to you to be willing to accept these opportunities and step outside of your comfort zone. There will be others around to help you, make sure you utilise the help!”

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