Learning along the way

Edwina Carr, a member of the Canberra Casual Workforce, works in Assurance helping different teams depending on the week. As a passionate learner, she enjoys the variety and challenges of working on a broad range of clients. 

Why are learning and development important to you?
Learning new skills is imperative to our business. The challenge of learning new skills is daunting; however, developing our perspectives and abilities to be more forward-thinking and produce better, more complete results for our clients is essential. 

While university taught me the basic requirements for industry, learning and development really happens through experience and exposure to different clients, situations and challenges. To learn to solve problems, you need to experience, and experience teaches you to handle each situation differently. This hands-on learning and development started as soon as I arrived at PwC through seeing and interacting with different clients and projects. You learn to adapt to our client's risks and issues and produce outcomes that reflect current and future potential.

How has PwC helped you learn and grow?
From day one, my leaders have trusted me and what I can bring to the table. It's made me more confident in my ideas and contributions to the team. This trust and belief help me feel empowered to participate and learn more. 

Our team never shuts down an idea. Working in different areas with a diverse group of people with various skill sets has allowed me to experience new perspectives and challenged me to think differently. This is essential to my learning; to discover how PwC integrates services and the importance of this in bringing the best solutions to clients.

​​​What learnings have helped you grow and succeed?
Working in different teams has allowed me to experience other client relationships and watch how people interact differently while achieving the best quality for each client. 

Client interactions have been fascinating to be a part of, from online to in-person meetings and the communication strategies and techniques the teams have to ensure the best outcomes are achieved for both the client and PwC. Some teams, like Quality Assurance, exposed me to the importance of high-quality attention to detail, which has been really interesting. 

How have your leaders coached and mentored you along your PwC journey?
My team leaders have trusted me with challenging tasks but always ensure I have the support to properly fulfil the requirements. This is different depending on the task, but sometimes it's about resources and others about finding the time to run through my work with me individually and improve it together. 

By making the time to explain decisions and processes, my understanding of the job and client increases, and therefore the overall quality of my work is better. Even small tasks, like taking meeting minutes, allows me to better understand the context of the client and their relationship with us. 

What do you want to learn next?
I want to enhance my understanding of how specific business approaches will help different clients improve their services so I can more confidently participate in team discussions. This comes from experience and more exposure to various projects and situations. I'm excited to explore this in the future.

I would also like to work with different areas within PwC on projects to learn more about integrated services and how we can work together to provide clients with advanced solutions, from technology to risk minimisation.

I look forward to developing my skill sets with Assurance programs to discover how technology can impact our work and the solutions we provide our clients.

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