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​​​​​​​The prospect of a new role often comes with a mix of emotions. From excitement and anticipation to worry about the unknown, we all wonder “what is it really like on the inside?” This should shed some light on what to expect in Canberra’s Cloud and Digital team. 

We sat down with Senior Associates Ted Pettigrove and Josh Rose to hear about their experience in Cloud and Digital and at PwC altogether. Here’s what they had to say. 

Josh Rose, Senior Associate
Ted Pettigrove, Senior Associate

Q: Tell us a little bit about yourselves

Josh: I began my journey with PwC in 2019 as an undergraduate. I sit within Consulting’s Cloud & Digital team and am aligned to the Architecture & Delivery craft group. We help clients manage complex enterprise portfolios and programmes to enable technology at the core of their business processes.

Ted: I’m a technology consultant at PwC with a background in Software Engineering specialising in Artificial Intelligence and Intelligent Systems.

Q: What projects have you worked on in Cloud and Digital?

Josh: Since joining I’ve worked on a handful of large scale Defence and Federal Government digital transformation programs. 

It is quite hard to pick a favourite project, though! The benefits of working on Federal Government engagements is that you get to see the impact of your work being delivered to the Australian community. This is really evident with my current project where we are collecting case studies along the way which show how impactful the capability we are delivering is.

Ted: I have been primarily on Defence Projects however I have contributed support with Project Management Office digital tools to other PwC projects at the Department of Agriculture, Department of Finance and Murray Darling Basin Authority.
One Defence project was really enjoyable where I worked on configuring an ICT Architecture Tool. The experience gave me hands-on experience building aspects of the tool, working with stakeholders to understand business requirements and work through full software lifecycle management.​​​​​​​

Q: What’s it like working in Cloud and Digital?

Josh: The Canberra Cloud and Digital team is quite a small and close knit team. There’s a great sense of community in the team and it’s always great fun when we get the chance to come together for dinners or drinks. We’re a diverse team with varying skill sets from enterprise architecture to program management so the right person to provide advice and guidance is never hard to find. It’s a great team to be a part of!

Ted: I find that working in Cloud and Digital allows me to choose experiences in Technology Strategy and system design and build. Being in a team that’s diverse in skills helps me grow holistically in technology and switch between the different jobs in technology. 

Q: What have the opportunities been like to diversify your skills within technology consulting?

Josh: The benefit to being in a relatively small team is that there are always opportunities to step out of your comfort zone and dip your toes into new and exciting roles! In my current engagement I have had four or five roles over the last 18 months and learned so much.

Outside of my client work I have been given the opportunity to complete Amazon Web Services (AWS), Salesforce and Certified Scrum Master (CSM) certifications. There are also plenty of opportunities for developing leadership and mentoring skills as we have a close relationship with the University of Canberra where we offer Industry Based Learning (internship) opportunities to students.

Ted: I always thought that being a technology generalist would mean that I would talk conceptually but never know the details. At PwC it’s the opposite, where a technology generalist learns new tools quickly and supports our people with implementing, using and maturing those technologies. I have learnt five BI tools, three cloud platforms and three configuration management tools while working at PwC for the last three years. 

Q: Who do you work with?

Ted: Working on different projects, I get to work broadly within PwC and across multiple departments and industries. At PwC we have consultants that specialise in all types of technology and subjects like Workforce, Strategy and Project Management. When working with clients you don’t just work with their teams you also work with their customers and it can be highly rewarding seeing the impact delivered. 

Q: How do you collaborate?

Josh: Working on different projects is a great experience as it gives you a fresh set of problems to solve and a new team to learn from and with. I have had the opportunity to work on a joint project between Cloud & Digital and Canberra’s People & Change team. It was a great opportunity to broaden my knowledge and skills by taking into account different perspectives and work outcomes. 

We work really dynamically and use all the tools at our disposal to collaborate either on our PwC systems or on client systems. We’re given plenty of opportunities to upskill on different technology platforms to improve our ways of working and collaboration. 

Ted: Since Covid, the workforce has a wide range of online tools to support any kind of work arrangement. We aren’t restricted to a cadence in or out of the office. On any given day we could have everyone in the office or everyone at home. It definitely fluctuates depending on people's preferences but all work can be done remotely.

Q: What is it like working closely with leaders in the business?

Josh: PwC has some amazing leaders who have such varied backgrounds and experiences. The Partners and Directors I have had the pleasure of working with have all been remarkably supportive of me and my peers, with a strong focus on ensuring opportunities for growth alongside delivering value for our clients.

Ted: The leaders at PwC are there for mentoring and responsibility in the company. When it comes to decision making, the decisions are collaborative and it never feels like there’s a hierarchy when raising issues or counterpoints.

Q: What do you like most about the leaders you work with?

Josh: My favourite thing about the leaders I work with is that they are very approachable and supportive. There’s no feeling of superiority or being disregarded as a junior member of the firm and they often give you the opportunity to provide input and shape the engagement. 

Ted: They always listen! It doesn’t matter if it’s a work problem, personal problem, new idea or even to discuss competitors, they are always open to the conversation. Being a community of solvers means you have to listen first.

Q: What do you love about PwC?

Josh: PwC is a really interesting place to work and there are endless opportunities, you just have to throw your hat in the ring! 

The firm also has a great purpose statement, ‘to build trust in society and solve important problems', which is evident in almost all we do and really drives me. It feels like there are no problems that the firm wouldn’t try to tackle which makes it inspiring and exciting.

Ted: The people focus and the culture leadership provide stands PwC apart from other consulting companies. That atmosphere makes it easy to have discussions about what matters to me and how I can utilise my time.

Q: What makes you stay at PwC?

Josh: There is plenty of competition in the Canberra market but PwC really stands out to me. We’re proud of our work and quality outputs are at the forefront of what we do. The pride in our work and purpose behind it keeps me at PwC. 

Ted: The team and people are the biggest drivers for staying at PwC. My colleagues have similar technology passions and are always considerate of each other's personal needs.

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