From Military Spouse to Consultant: Courtney’s Career Evolution Journey

Meet Courtney Hindmarsh, a Senior Consultant in Workforce and Change. As a Defence spouse, she lives in Townville with her husband, a member of the Australian Army, and works remotely for PwC Canberra. Four months into her time in the Career Evolution program and she loves how her new role allows her to work flexibly and solve important problems.

Tell us your PwC story. How did you get here? Where are you now?

Hi, I'm Courtney Hindmarsh, and I commenced in February 2022 with the Career Evolution Program as a Senior Associate in the Workforce & Change team in Canberra. 

I live in Townsville with my husband. We are on our 3rd posting with the Australian Army. Before joining PwC, I completed my Bachelor of Business in 2014. I majored in Human Resource Management and continued as an HR Business Partner throughout my career. I am passionate about digital literacy, employee experience and the future of work. 

Four months into the program, I am about to wrap up on my first 10-week client project, where I was the Project Manager. I have learned so much and met some fantastic people, internally and externally, at PwC. 
If you had told me four months ago that I would be in this position with this experience, knowledge and increased confidence, I would not have believed you! I'm now working on client proposals, getting involved in the PwC Diversity committees and working through a digital academy, building my skills in dashboard creation and working with data.

What initially attracted you to PwC? Now that you're here, what makes your work at PwC different?

The brand and reputation of PwC initially attracted me. I was familiar with the thought leadership that PwC produced, especially being an HR practitioner, as it is an excellent source of inspiration for contemporary HR practices.
What I love about working at PwC is the variety of work I can do with clients on real problems and issues. I get to work with a team who is so friendly, supportive and brilliant – and a team that pushes me to learn and challenge myself, while always being there to lend a hand if I need it. Outside client work, there is much to get involved in. Whether it's taking a training session to upskill, planning an event with a diversity committee, and if you haven't heard about 'The Outside', definitely go and Google that! Finally, the other element that makes PwC different is that you are encouraged to create strong networks, not just in your team but across PwC. This has created opportunities and exposure that I have never before experienced in my career.

How has your career and life changed since joining PwC?

In the past, I have had to make career choices out of necessity, to continue contributing financially to my family and support my husband's career; this is quite common as a Defence Partner. This lifestyle doesn't always allow you to find a job that you love or at that level that matches your experience. It can often slow your career progression. 

PwC has allowed me to work remotely, in Townsville (or wherever I live) and in a role where I'm making a meaningful impact on the clients I work with, my team and, more broadly, PwC. I am excited to go to work every day! Some days are more complicated than others, of course, like any role but the difference I have felt at PwC is that there is always someone to help you or have a coffee, catch up and work through what you need. Working with my Team Leader, I have set goals that align with my passions and interests, and we actively pursue opportunities that will help me achieve those. I'm able to curate and tailor my career. I have met some brilliant people, and they have reinvigorated me. Honestly, it's incredible how your life changes when you're inspired and continuously learning.

What advice would you give someone wanting to apply to the Career Evolution program?

Just apply! It's normal to feel nervous. I was when I applied, but I know that diversity is celebrated here at PwC.  Everyone brings something new to the team. We are excited to meet and support you on your journey in the Career Evolution Program and onwards!

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