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​​​​​​​At the geographical centre and heart of global Sydney, Parramatta is a diverse marketplace of ideas and culture that offers a range of unparalleled opportunities for businesses, community and visitors.
Built on ancient roots and propelled by openness and positivity, Parramatta draws people from across the globe, creating a unique vitality and fascinating cultural mosaic. Our sports, dining, entertainment and cultural offerings add to the city’s vibrancy. 
Parramatta has never stopped transforming. We are a city of big thinkers, full of ambition, driving real economic growth and activity and creating world class centres of excellence in education, health, research and innovation

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About our Parramatta office Located in the heart of Parramatta city, PwC’s Parramatta’s office provides a picturesque view of Parramatta square. The modern office hosts plenty of workspace options. If you’re keen to catch up with workers, head to one of the many coworking spaces or meeting rooms and if you’re in need of focus time, there are quiet booths to help. The office provides easy access to the best cafes and restaurants for a midday pick up or afterwork unwind.

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Burramattagal Country
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Parramatta NSW 2150

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