Which type of Solver are you?

Learn about the kinds of solvers who join PwC’s graduate and vacationer programs.

At PwC, we see five different types of solvers: the Leader, the Analyst, the Entrepreneur, the Humanitarian and the Trailblazer. Find out how you can use your solving skills at PwC as a graduate, vacationer or trainee.

At PwC, you can solve the problems that matter to you. 

You could help tackle climate change, create a culture of gender diversity in STEM or help future-proof ASX-listed companies. You could use your leadership and team-oriented thinking, your confidence in data and analysis or your tech skills to craft outside-the-box solutions that only you can create. You'll bring your unique perspective to help businesses, not-for-profits and local governments enhance the way they work and solve the problems that matter.

Coming out of university, big firms like ours can be a bit overwhelming, especially with 8,000 people in our community of solvers. It can be tricky to find where you fit. So we’ve created a 2-minute quiz to help you figure out what type of solver you are and what teams might be an interesting career path to you! 
So what type of solver are you? Take the quiz below to find out!

Think you might be a different type of solver? 

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