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Trust and Risk

Our Trust and Risk team brings together data and analytics, technology, financial regulatory, and business process experience to enable our clients to drive growth and create a competitive advantage. We look at our clients' processes, policies, systems and controls with fresh eyes - helping them to see around corners, manage risk holistically and make well-informed decisions to keep their businesses on track. 

What will you do?

A role within Trust and Risk will see you working within one of several teams - Data Assurance, Technology Assurance, Governance Risk & Compliance, Internal Audit, Cybersecurity & Digital Trust and Transformation Assurance. Here you'll work to help clients navigate a world where technology and innovation are having dramatic impacts.

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Cyber Security

As the use of technology and connected devices increasingly touch our lives, businesses have become more digitised. This has meant that we’ve become more dependent on digital processes and data. And that’s why we need Cyber Security. In an era where we share more information and transact digitally more often, we need to feel confident this is secure and that our information is not lost or compromised.

We have Cyber teams within both our Risk Assurance and Consulting practices. Regardless of the area you join, you’ll be part of an international network helping organisations tackle one of the most dynamic and urgent issues they face: how to operate and grow safely in a progressive cyber ecosystem. Our core advisory teams are experts in their field. They work globally to support our clients across the public and private and financial sectors, helping them to understand and reduce their exposure to cyber risk.

 What will you do?

The paths in Cyber Security vary depending on what type of career you’re looking to create. There’s opportunities to work closely with technology, systems and networks where you’ll work to monitor and detect network abnormalities, respond to incidents, learn how to generate and apply threat intelligence, advise on identify and access management, support organisations in their response to a crisis and become an ‘ethical hacker’. Or if you’re more passionate about the business risk side, you could help our clients understand the benefits of managing potential risk that includes strategy development, evaluating business landscapes, designing target operating models and implementing new solutions.

Find out more about careers in Cyber Security & Digital Trust.

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Our team of digital experts, located across our Australian offices, use technology and information to transform, disrupt and grow our business. Our clients are the lines of business within the Australian firm (including Assurance, Consulting, Financial Advisory) and their clients, as well as other firms within the PwC Global network that utilise some of the systems and applications that we support.

We ensure our products and services are digital, mobile, optimised and automated. By embedding a digital mindset, we increase the Digital IQ of our people and deliver more value for our clients through the right technology investments.

Our Capabilities

Within DigiTech, we have a variety of capability offerings including: Business Analysis, Customer & Device Experience, Service Delivery & Operations, Cloud Services, Business Engagement, Data Analytics, Systems Improvement, DevOps, Process Automation, User Experience, Enterprise Architecture, Change Management, Project Management, and more.
What will you do?

The work you do could vary from leading and supporting the firm through the building or adoption of new technology, to protecting against risk, and delivering valuable data insights that transform our tech capabilities (and more). Regardless of the area you join within DigiTech, the possibilities to create meaningful impact are endless.

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Technology Consulting

Our technology teams solve business problems through the design of technology strategies, development of technology architecture, delivery of enterprise applications, sourcing, project management and operational management. We deliver the technological solutions organisations need to compete and grow. We build a lasting legacy of improvement and performance, partnering with best in class technologies and solution sets.

What will you do?

The work you do might involve helping clients address business-wide change, potentially brought about by regulation or changing business demands, or setting transformation strategy and the underpinning technology. Or you could be involved in a detailed appraisal of a client's processes and systems, assessing their strengths and weaknesses. Whatever the project, the opportunitiy to create meaningful impact is there.

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Experience Centre

PwC's digital accelerator, the Experience Centre brings together experts from multiple disciplines, creating next-generation experiences for customers, employees and partners.

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Insight Analytics

The explosion of digital data is revolutionising business. Organisations of every type are now expecting their business decisions to be based upon robust data analytics to support intuition and experience.

We have Insight and Data Analytics teams within both our Trust & Risk and Consulting practices. Both use data and analytics to help executives, employees, customers and suppliers make the right decisions. This could mean driving new growth opportunities, operating more efficiently or identifying and managing risks.

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Enterprise Digital

Our diverse team of software developers and business analysts work together to deliver innovative, technology-driven end-to-end solutions that automate, enhance and optimise business processes.

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Fraud and Forensics

Our Forensic Services practice offers a full spectrum of forensic solutions, ranging from fraud prevention and detection management to post-incident investigative services and remedial activities.

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Enterprise Information Management

Our team helps clients leverage and build on their current technology to enhance capability and ensure they are aligned and equipped to meet the needs of the business.

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Assurance Digital Solutions

We're a team of analysts, designers, data scientists and engineers with backgrounds spanning biotech, FinTech, media, insurance and start-ups. We bring together our collective knowledge and experience to create next generation digital audit and trust solutions for our people and clients.

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