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Cloud, Architecture & Automation

Organisations are increasingly adopting Cloud services and Automation to deliver agility, flexibility and reduced cost of ownership in delivering Digital services.

The Cloud Architecture & Automation capability assists clients in developing Enterprise and Solution Security architectures and leverages Cloud platforms such as AWS, Azure and GCP. The capability enables clients to securely deploy cloud services, through capabilities such as AppSec, DevSecOps, Automated Code Scan Services, Automated Vulnerability Scan Service and Configuration Drift Detection.


Offensive Security

Offensive security helps organisations to proactively find, and fix, cybersecurity weaknesses in their environment before they can be exploited by cybercriminals. Our team of ‘ethical hackers’ employ the same hacking techniques used by cybercriminals to provide our clients with a realistic evaluation of the susceptibility of their information technology (IT), operational technology (OT) and critical infrastructure (CI) environments to cyberattack.

Going beyond the theoretical identification of weaknesses, we actively exploit vulnerabilities to help demonstrate the potential for impact to the client's organisation (answering the ‘so what?’) and then work with clients to address the issue and improve their overall cyber resilience.

Defensive Security & Operations

The world of Defensive Security & Operations (DSO) is both constantly changing and staying the same. You need to think like an attacker, a defender, a strategist, an observer and a doomsday prepper all at once if you want to keep up with today’s cyber criminals.

Our DSO team focuses on helping clients Prepare, Detect and Respond to cyber incidents.

Prepare - Running incident simulations, writing response plans and ensuring we have the visibility and tools that we need to stop an attacker in their tracks.

Detect - Writing detection and mitigation rules to look for behaviour that might indicate an attack. Thinking about how we are likely to be attacked and then proactively seeking signs of this occurring - hunting for a particularly crafty attacker may have slipped by our defences.

Respond - When, not if, we detect an attack we know how to respond - who does what, how do they do it, who do they tell, when does it all happen? We also help clients answer some key legal questions like do we need to report this to the police? ACSC? Regulators? Shareholders?


Digital Identity

Digital identity is a security and business discipline focused on enabling the right people to have the right access to the right systems at the right time. Each individual person and system has a digital representation - an identity - that must be managed in a secure manner while simultaneously allowing them to communicate with other identities efficiently. 

In a cyber context, digital identity is about securing and managing these identities, defining what they can do, who they can interact with, and ensuring the necessary credentials to access them are properly stored and maintained. By helping our clients clean up rogue access, implementing controlled processes to manage identities and enabling secure communications between them, we help them reduce their cyber risk, uplift IT efficiency and improve the user experience for their employees and customers.

What skills are involved in Digital Identity?

We work to solve complex and challenging Identity & Access Management (IAM) problems that combine business expertise and technology skills to create unique experiences in a rapidly growing area. You will be analysing and applying design thinking to create market leading solutions that meet the clients’ requirements, or developing, configuring and testing these solutions (if you have coding knowledge). We foster thought leadership in IAM by leveraging our backgrounds in Cybersecurity, Information Systems, Computer Science or similar, engaging and creating innovative solutions for our clients whilst being agile in an ever changing security landscape.

Digital Risk Management

Digital risk management is focussed on identifying and proactively managing the threats and risks to organisation's information and systems. Almost all organisations are increasing their use of technology to transform and digitise their business, and as a result need to have confidence and trust that their governance, people, processes and technology are well managed and don't expose them to unacceptable risks.

At PwC digital risk management includes:

  • Cyber security and technology risk strategy, maturity and transformation
  • Cyber security and technology risk and control assessments
  • Operational and technology resilience
  • Third party risk management
  • Technology enabling and automating business and technology risk processes through governance, risk and compliance (GRC) systems and other solutions.

Data Trust & Privacy

Our Digital Trust and Privacy team enables businesses to deliver targeted outcomes through timely, accurate, trustworthy and protected data in line with regulatory and privacy requirements. 

We assist our clients to realise the value of their information and data by connecting data sets to strategic objectives. This means that clients have a clear understanding of what data can support them in decision making, and in meeting the commitments that they have outlined for their business. They can then prioritise the accuracy, accessibility, reliability, timeliness and security of that data.

To achieve these objectives, our Data Trust & Privacy team works closely with our clients with the aim to:

  • Transform how our clients govern data by advising and educating them on leading data management processes and operations
  • Partner with leading organisations to bridge the data ‘trust gap’ by improving confidence that their data needs are being met and are aligned to strategic business outcomes 
  • Assess and analyse our clients’ complex data challenges including identifying and responding to data risks and compliance issues.

Digital Law

Our Digital Law team provides 3 distinct service offerings:

Technology Procurement: Advising on strategic technology procurement, including commercial and legal advice and contract negotiation.

New Technology Law: Advising on legal and regulatory issues associated with new technology, including cloud, blockchain and AI. 

Data protected and cyber breach management: Advising on all aspects of data protection, including privacy, data commercialisation and cyber security incident response


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