Emily's Deep Dive in to the PwC Higher Apprenticeship experience

From Musicals to Higher Apprenticeship

I have always been active in the music and film industry. As a child, I starred in overseas musical shows that toured the US and I got to do a few episodes of an American TV show. From a young age, I was always performing whether it was at the opera house or in the family living room. 

As I got older, my love for technology started to grow and music became more of a hobby. In school, I loved to experiment with new tech and try new software where possible.

Finding the way 

High school was not for me. Academically, I had success, but the high school environment never suited me. I wanted to be out in the real world doing the work. When I heard of the opportunity to work, learn and earn, I was amazed! I realized that all the effort I had put into my leadership, communication and people skills were going to pay off right out of high school! 

I found the job advert through my careers advisor at school. He saw that I loved working with technology and creative subjects, so he suggested I apply. My career advisor was supportive and I also spoke to my mum about her time at PwC as a contractor a few years before. It seemed like the place for me!

Starting at PwC

I applied two and a half years ago, but I still remember how nerve-racking it was. Looking back, it was as simple as filling in my details and doing an online test, but it made me so nervous! The next stage in the recruitment process included creating a quick video on why I believed I would be a fit for the role and how it aligned with my passions. The last round included an in-person interview and assessment centre, where I met other candidates and had a great time working on my own and with others to show off my skills.

My onboarding experience was great! I got to meet the other Higher Apprentices and my new PwC coworkers. We had a whole week to learn the ropes of PwC, including how to use the technology at the firm and what values we were to demonstrate in our day-to-day. All the apprentices got quality time with one another through group activities, in-office workshops and during breaks. It made us feel like a team from the start!

The Higher Apprenticeship Experience

My time as a Higher Apprentice was the most valuable in my career. Throughout my time in the Higher Apprenticeship program, I got to meet so many different types of people and make genuine connections. I discovered what work suited me and learned new ways of working. Over my time as an apprentice, I boosted my confidence in my existing skills and learned essential new skills for my career. 

Throughout my Higher Apprenticeship journey, I was lucky enough to be in three roles: a tech lounge team member, a change manager and a user experience/design team member. These roles all taught me incredible lessons that supported me rounding out both my career and life as a whole. 

Another key benefit of the program was the opportunity to get my Diploma of IT through PwC while I worked full-time. The program leaders were always supportive and gave us designated time to work on assessments and learning. Having this experience with other like-minded people made me feel so supported and understood throughout the entire experience.

Moving on up

I have now been a Graduate at PwC for four months. The Higher Apprenticeship program set me up for this position and gave me all the fundamentals for building my career. As a grad, I am currently in the Communications team within DigiTech. My variety of roles and experiences shaped me. Currently, I get to have 6-month rotations and continue to try new roles/teams to find my best match and pursue my passion.

The Higher Apprenticeship and Graduate programs are tailored to support you and your career, push you to achieve and assist you in developing your skills. If you don’t try, you will never know if you could succeed. Even though I was hesitant to apply, I'm so glad I took the leap. Because I took a chance, I've had this amazing experience to kickstart my career.

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