Flexible Work with the Career Evolution Program: Nathan’s PwC Journey

Meet Nathan Baker-Roberts, a Senior Consultant in Digital Operations and Automation in Canberra. His background in Supply Chain Operations and Management started in the retail industry and he continued with this career path when he joined the Australian Navy. Leaving the Navy in 2018, Nathan worked across industries before joining PwC four months ago as a part of the Career Evolution program. He is thoroughly enjoying the inclusivity and flexibility provided by PwC.

What initially attracted you to PwC? Now that you're here, what makes your work at PwC different?

The main thing that attracted me to PwC is its willingness to provide an inclusive and flexible workplace. They follow through and deliver exactly that. A handful of employers I've had in the past have talked a lot about flexibility but didn't follow through. The inclusivity and flexibility make the work environment different and entirely more fulfilling at PwC.

What support has PwC provided you to find new career pathways?

The Career Evolution program has provided a level of support I never imagined. The structured program allows for flexibility and, most importantly, great inclusivity.

How has your career/life changed since joining PwC?

I now feel like I can have both a successful and rewarding career while maintaining a healthy work-life balance. Given the fast pace of corporate consultants, their ability not to let work become the primary focus of their employees' lives is truly exceptional.

How has your leader coached and mentored you along your PwC journey?

My leaders have helped me to realise that my skills, although not the traditional skills you find in consulting, can still be used in a completely new and valuable way. 

Military skills are not entirely different from professional services skills.

What does solving important problems mean to you?

It gives me a real sense of accomplishment knowing I've played a role in the improvement of the future of society.

What advice would you give someone wanting to apply to the Career Evolution program?

Be open with your personal needs. If they feel your skill set is valuable, PwC will go out of its way to accommodate you.

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