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Mark De Luca shares his progression from Trainee to Senior Manager of Indirect Taxes and the overseas experiences he’s gained along the way.

Keen runner, Mark De Luca, came to join our firm via the Trainee Program. Like most students, at the time Mark was unsure of what he really wanted to do and even floated the idea of becoming a Sports Physiotherapist. Instead, he opted to earn whilst he learnt, studying Commerce and simultaneously working in our Goods and Services Tax (GST) team in Melbourne.

“On top of being able to practically apply your learnings from University against real life client scenarios, the Trainee Program taught me the importance of managing your time effectively to achieve a work/study/life balance.”

Fast forward several years and Mark has been a valued member of the GST team in both Sydney and Melbourne, having enjoyed multiple international experiences along the way.. So then, what exactly does a career in Tax look like? Ask Mark and he’ll tell you that no two days are the same.

“There is no standard day in the GST team. Our services broadly include providing consulting advice on the GST Law, assisting clients with GST compliance and Australian Taxation Office matters, and using technology to help improve GST processes and provide greater insights and analysis for our clients.”

Currently on a short-term client secondment in Seattle, Mark’s certainly happy with the choice he made as a uni student. Why? Diversity of work and an extensive global network to harness.

“One of the key benefits of working in GST is that there is some form of GST or Value Added Tax (VAT) around the world and that has provided me with opportunities to travel overseas to Tokyo, Singapore and now Seattle.”

“Throughout my time at PwC, I’ve been fortunate to go on two client secondments that have ranged from six to 12 months each. I’m currently on one now to a multinational technology company and this opportunity presented itself from the international experience I obtained whilst working in the Sydney office on our Indirect Tax technology solutions that we have been rolling out to clients all around the world.”

Despite the international experience he’s fast acquiring, Mark says he’s still surprised by the quality of the community his home firm has created.

“It still surprises me how great the people are at PwC and its culture. The people make the firm and it continues to attract like-minded, motivated individuals that are friendly and always willing to help each other out even if it means going out of their way to assist.. It makes work enjoyable when you know the people you work with are your friends and you all genuinely care about each other.”

As for what he’s looking to gain from his current and future overseas opportunities? A better understanding on the client side to equip him in delivering “more relevant, practical and commercial advice to clients”, as well as a greater understanding of other GST/VAT jurisdictions around the world. With this, he hopes to continue the development of his global acumen so that he can embrace more “travel and work in other countries”.

However, a career with PwC isn’t solely about professional development! Something Mark has relished during his time here has been the flexibility to pursue his passion for running.   

“Outside of work, I’m a long distance runner that trains every day. PwC have been very accommodating with my training commitments allowing me to leave work earlier on Tuesdays and Thursdays when I had my squad training on. The All Roles Flex policy of allowing staff to work from home has also helped.”  ​​​​​​​
Looking to carve a similar career path to Mark? If you hold “strong relationship building skills”, the ability to “manage multiple tasks at once under pressure”, and a passion for problem solving, we’re looking for you! Apply now!

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