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What is assurance? A feeling of confidence. Of safety. To be assured is to know someone has your back, that they've spotted the perils and prizes you might encounter. That feeling of confidence isn't just for our clients. It's also for you.

As part of the PwC Assurance team, you'll feel supported and safe to seize the opportunities and pursue your passions. Bringing your skills to one of our specialty teams, you'll join a network of inspiring team leaders and colleagues to work on projects fuelled by innovation.

A career where you're empowered to make change and explore new ideas. That's our assurance to you.

We'll help you up the ladder

Providing assurance isn't just a skillset - it's a mindset. It's a mindset we amplify with relentless development, enhancing your talents with technical skills. Excellent training and outstanding coaching on client assignments are the paths to growth. It's pairing this intensely focused mindset with world-class learning that drives success, from our acceleration centres to client-facing teams.

Embrace life's challenges and opportunities

Every life stage we go through brings new opportunities and demands. That's why we've designed policies that support all of our people and empower them to progress in their chosen careers without any fear, concern or guilt over competing family or personal demands. Simply, we believe in creating a benefits culture that supports you to do your best work.

What are you waiting for?

 At PwC, we're building the next generation of leaders. Make your next career move with us and join a supportive, progressive network that allows you to do the work you have always aspired to do.

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What is Assurance?

At PwC Australia, we see our role as helping clients build trust and deliver sustained outcomes. As an audit business, we know that performing this role is critical to a well-functioning capital market in Australia and to the confidence Australians have when making important investment decisions. Given the added economic uncertainty of the past two years, our clients, their customers and employees and the community more broadly has a critical need for trust and confidence from independent sources.
Trust and Risk
Everyday at PwC Australia, we work together with business leaders, governments, regulators and our own researchers to understand and protect businesses and society from the critical risks. We translate our deep understanding of the threats and risks on the security frontline and within emerging technology into meaningful insights that work for your business.

The skillset and mindset to see and solve the bigger picture, together

What is assurance? A feeling of confidence. It’s what we strive to deliver to our clients as we work side by side to help solve the myriad of issues they face. This assurance, in turn, enables organisations to build and earn trust with their stakeholders. In PwC Assurance, we take a long-term perspective, never compromising for short term gains. Always looking ahead, we anticipate and guide clients on future risks, before they need to. Providing assurance isn’t just a skillset, it’s a mindset.  We embrace technology to automate tasks, enhance efficiency and provide insights through data, but it’s our mindset of curiosity, objectivity and professional scepticism that enables us to provide valuable and actionable insights. Underpinned by a relentless focus on quality, it’s a combination that sets us apart.

Our capabilities go far beyond those that we’re traditionally known for.

We provide assurance to our clients in ways you’d expect - enabling confidence in the capital markets through the audit of large listed organisations - and in ways you might not expect. From providing assurance over the quality of aged and child care, helping navigate the challenges and opportunities of ESG or protect customers’ personal information, to ensuring employees are paid accurately. We provide clients confidence in managing risk on large transformation projects, transactions and through major organisational change. 
We’re proud of the important role we play in delivering for businesses and Government, but most importantly, for people. As a community of solvers, we not only offer a unique perspective to deliver confident decisions through times of change, but to instil trust in communities in an increasingly digital and disrupted world. It’s this unexpected combination of skill set and mindset that creates a unique point of difference for our clients, and a positive and lasting impact on the lives of all Australians.
Where communities need trust, clients need assurance. From planning to implementing ideas, monitoring to mitigating problems — we help them overcome challenges and build connected, consistent, and sustained outcomes for success. That's Assurance.

It all adds up to The New Equation. 

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